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Discover the most comprehensive and secure access control on the market

More than 75 years ago, we dreamed of today

Since our beginnings in 1947, we have been characterized by making the difficult easy, leading the creation and deployment of technological solutions that allow us to redesign people’s lives day by day. Our team, composed of more than 120 employees, works permanently to deliver an integral service. Seventy-five years of experience in the market guarantee our commitment to excellence.


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Communities in operation


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The most complete and secure access control on the market

That connects the entrance of your community and intercom directly with your smartphone so that everything that approaches your community passes through you first and is then registered.

With Smartki, you are in control

Control 100% of the movements of your community. Improve security by controlling not only residents, but also visitors, deliveries and suppliers, in a simple and convenient way.

How it works

1. Customer credencial
2. App
3. Smartki Hardware
4. Gate opening

Example of a resident's journey

1. A resident uses their QR code or remote control from their vehicle
2. A resident uses their pedestrian QR code
3. The door opens

Example of a guest's journey

1. A resident generates an invitation
2. A guest receives an invitation
3. The guest shows their QR code at the entrance
4. The door opens

Convenient ways to open any door

Users can unlock the Smartki access devices in several ways

Product ecosystem

Always evolving, we believe we have the most complete ecosystem of products to meet market needs

Let the smart into your community

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